Traveling mixed media artist creating anything out of everything.

My work is about celebrating the handmade and the imperfections that come along with it. I am incredibly influenced by my mother’s Mexican heritage and I lean heavily on these ancestors as I create and gather inspiration.  Using symmetry and traditional Mexican craft as my starting point, each line is truly unique, and any flaw is simply showing the beauty of the human hand. I find it important to achieve depth with simple lines and dots, taking something so simple and creating a complex world within. Much of what I create falls between the themes of being surrounded or the movement of energy among every living organism.  As a woman I love to explore bold lines and shapes, creating a symbolic language all mine own while adding a clearly feminine mark. I often find myself inventing delicate pattern work to incorporate a sense of balance and motion…growth…or healing through it all.


For all opportunities, please reach out via


Noteworthy Projects:


  • January- Private Mural Commission, Casa Xixim. Soliman Bay, Mexico
  • February- FLASH, Group Show at Spoke Art SF
  • February- SHORTS, Group show at Alto Gallery, Denver, CO
  • March- Interior Design + Murals- 10 Ft Pizza/Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  • March- Entrance Mural- Moonwind Trading Co., Joshua Tree, CA
  • April- POW! WOW! Nepal- Koseli School, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • April- Site Specific Murals- Hotel ME Ibiza, Ibiza, Spain
  • April- Site Specific Installation- Hotel ME Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • May- Site Specific Mural, Boulder Creek Path, Boulder, CO
  • June- Local Language Residency – Oakland, CA
  • July- Solo Show, Local Language – Oakland, CA
  • August- Solo Show, Preacher Gallery – Austin, TX
  • August- Ninth Wave Ceramic Residency in Asbury Park, NJ
  • September- Site Specific Mural, The Lydian- Denver, CO
  • September- Site Specific Mural, Native Hostel- Austin, TX


  • January – Mural project with Tulum Art Club, Tulum, MX
  • April – Project collaboration with Koseli Foundation + Satya Collective, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • May- Mural Project – Las Palmas, Tulum, MX
  • September- Colorado CRUSH, Denver, CO
  • September- KAABOO Festival, Del Mar, CA
  • September- Murals in the Market, Detroit MI
  • October- PowWow San Jose, San Jose, CA
  • November- Private Mural Commission Collaboration with Jonny Alexander, Denver, CO


  • March-April Ceramic Residency at Residencia Gorila Tulum + Valladolid, Mexico
  • April – Permanent Mural – Chris Roberts Antieau Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  • May- “Better Habits” 3 Person Show, Athen B Gallery, Oakland, CA
  • June- Group Show, Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN
  • June – “Natural Mystics” Solo Show, Svper Ordinary, Denver, CO
  • July- Sunset Campout Installation- Beldentown, CA
  • August- Private Residential Murals- Tulum, Mexico
  • September-  KABOO, Del Mar, CA
  • September – Music Stage Mural with Bunnie Reiss. Symbiosis Gathering, California
  • September- “Summers Ghost” Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ
  • October – “Infinite::Intimate” collaborative group show with Monica Canilao, Jason Borders and Caitlin McCormack – Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  • December- SCOPE Art Show, Art Basel – Miami, FL


  • On Site Mural for Red Truck Gallery, SCOPE Art Fair, Art Basel, Miami, FL
  • Ephemeral Mural- 836M, San Francisco, CA
  • LHR/LAX, Group Show- Stolen Space, London UK
  • 4%ers, Group Show- FFDG, San Francisco, CA
  • Housewarming, Group Show- Athen B Gallery, Oakland, CA
  • Alchemy- Group Show Curated by Monica Canilao- Inner State Gallery, Detroit, MI
  • Bar Fausto Mural- Denver, CO
  • Of Eros and Psyche- Svper Ordinary, Denver, CO
  • Equliux, Group Show- Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • Moonrise – Solo Show – Batey, Tulum, Mexico
  • Group Show- Stephanie Chefas Projects, Portland, OR
  • Restaurare, Immersive Painting and Design – Tulum, MX


  • Salud al Sol, Residencia Gorila, Mural – Tulum, Mexico
  • Juvenile Prison Mural Project, Mural – Mexico City, Mexico
  • Kid Dynamo Storefront, Window Mural – Berkeley, CA
  • A Light Within – Installation – Sunset, Beldentown
  • Loyal – Solo Show – Redux, Alameda
  • 7th & Brannan Mural, San Francisco
  • ArtBeats Art Fair (Curator), – Pier 70, San Francisco
  • On Site Mural- SCOPE Art Fair with Red Truck Gallery (New Orleans) –  Miami FL
  • Broad Spectrum, Group Show – Empire 7, San Jose, CA
  • Estados Naturales, Group Show – Fifty24MX, Mexico City
  • Fevers – One Night Show w/ Cannon Dill + Brett Flanigan, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA
  • The Passage, Group Show – Orinda Public Library, Orinda, CA


  • Old Crow Storefront, Window Mural – Oakland, CA
  • A Well Marked Path, Solo Show – White Walls, San Francisco, CA
  • 10 Year Anniversary Show, Group Show – White Walls, San Francisco, CA
  • I Heart LV- Group Show – White Walls, San Francisco, CA
  • Friends & Lovers, Group Show – Old Crow, Oakland, CA
  • Children’s Fairyland Fundraiser – Oakland, CA
  • Symbiosis Gathering, Live Mural – Lathrop, CA
  • 8×10 Show – Faultline Artspace, Oakland, CA
  • Encompassed- Two Person Show – Rise Above, Oakland, CA
  • Big Umbrella Studios, San Francisco, CA
  • Collaboration with Lucien Shapiro
  • Hands & Pants, Collaboration with John Casey
  • Mural collaboration with Skinner, Brett Flannigan, Jon Wayshack & Adriana Sparkhul – Oakland, CA
  • Winter Group Show – Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA


  • Reckless in Love Shack, collaboration with Shrine On – Symbiosis Festival, Pyramid Lake, NV & Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Los Angeles, CA
  • Stand Tall Part III – Old Crow, Oakland, CA
  • Winter Group Show, Group Show – Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • World Saving Device, Group Show – The Hive, Oakland, CA
  • Endless Canvas Small Show – Warehouse 416, Oakland, CA